Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 2014 Minutes

March 8, 2014 Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was held at Bartley Ranch and was called to order at 11:00 am.

The February minutes were approved by general consent. Doris asked that the January minutes reflect that members did not want to give a donation to Heifers International this year.

Treasurer’s Report:  Doris reported she’s received 8 more dues, $200 and sold 3 spindle kits, $15. Expenses include: $11.85 spindle supplies, $11.30 purchase deposit slips, and $435 for renewal of our liability insurance.  The guild has $3636.72 with 35 paid members.

Library Report:  Heidi reported “nothing new” but noted that her email address is now on the blog site for those who wish to contact her to check out items from the guild library.

Old Business:

1. Sue G. passed around a magazine regarding places members/the guild might want to donate to.
2. Amy will post contact information for Spindle Camp June 4-8 on the guild Facebook page.
3. Carson City Rendezvous – since the guild is not a non-profit, members wishing to sell items at the event may need to pay a fee.  Shari will contact them to see if there is a cost.  Members could attend after our regular meeting at Marilynn’s in June.
4. Members discussed Joan Ruiz’s website  We have her DVD in our library.  The Spinning Cotton Workshop in Nevada City is filling up fast.  Contact Virva for info on how to sign up.
5. Amy gave additional information on the Nevada Sesquicentennial July 30-August 3 in Carson City.  She sent around a clipboard to signup for various committees/competitions.  The fair’s website is  Amy wants to have a beginning spinning competition.  Details were discussed.  She encourages people to display items.  She will report back with how much space the guild will have at the fair.

New Business:
1. Secretary Marilyn asked if the Show and Tell portion of the meeting could be left out of the minutes in order to simplify the secretary position for her and upcoming secretaries.  Members approved the motion by general consent.  (Thank you!)
2. Carol Lopez attended Stitches, a “kaleidoscope of color” in Santa Clara recently and highly recommends the event.
3. Virva reports Barbara can’t do the guild’s raffle anymore.  After discussion, members decided to postpone raffles until we need to raise money and/or we have a special event.
4. Sandi asked if the guild was doing Farm Days in Carson City.  Amy said maybe not.  Sandi will find out and post it on Facebook.
5. Shari reported that there were complaints after the Celtic Fair that the guild was selling items in the Reenactment area and that we should have paid the $325 vendor fee.  After discussion, members decided not to sell items at the next Celtic Fair in October 2014.

The Learning Tree today was all about different kinds of spindles and how to spin different kinds of fibers.

After Show and Tell, the meeting was adjourned.

In attendance:  Marilyn Pearson, Myna Giannotti, Ashley Thibedeau, Sandi Steele, Margery McConaghy, Mimi Bullard, Jo Van Winkle, Noelle Van Winkle, Nancy Pryor, Sara Freitag, Shelley Neate, Heidi Ericson, Susan Palwick, Sheila Young, Maxene Harlow, Sharie L. Jones, Virva Porcelli, Libby Hejny, Barbara Hunt, Lexsa Stevens, Sue Gottsacker, Amy Shannon, Chris Lopez, Carol Lopez, Judy Wells, Kiera Mayberry, Jan Mayberry, Eileen Jacobs, Mary Sherman, Marilynn Clarke, Doris Woloszyn, Hannah Woods, and Paulette Bowers.

Next meeting is at the Bartley Ranch School House April 12th

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 2014 Minutes

February 8, 2014 Minutes

The February meeting was held at Bartley Ranch and was called to order at 11:00 AM.

January minutes were approved by Susan Palwick and seconded by Amy Shannon.

Treasure’s Report:  Doris reports that the guild currently has $3879.95 with 27 paid members.  In January, Doris collected dues from 20 members (including 8 new members) for a total of $500.  Expenses for the month were: $50 for a guild brick for in front of the Bartley Ranch School House.  The deposit for Davis Creek Campground for the annual retreat in September has already been paid.  Liability Insurance payment is coming up soon.  Doris would also like to remind everyone that dues are now due.  Dues are $25 per year.

Library Report:  Heidi was not at the meeting so guild members tried to provide a little information about the library.  The blog has a link to the list for books, but it is old and Heidi is working on updating it.  The guild has lots of books and DVDs in our library that are available to borrow.  Someone also mentioned that there is no contract information for our librarian on the blog.

Old Business

1. Spindle Retreat:  June 4-8, 2014 at Lake Francis RV Resort in Northern California.  Many members have been before.  There is camping and cabins available.  Amy has contact information for the organizers.
2. Queen’s Tea Party in the Arboretum (Fashion Show):  It was decided that we wait until next year to hold this event.  This will allow for more time to answer questions and concerns, plan, and make items to show off.  The arboretum society is letting us use the arboretum.  Without the arboretum society’s support, we would be unable to use the arboretum because of cost and popularity of the location.  We are also looking into being able to use the arboretum society’s non-profit entity status to get donations for the event.  Members voiced concerns about the upfront cost to the guild.
3. Carson City Rendezvous:  Scheduled for the second weekend in June (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  This is the same weekend as our meeting.  It will be held in Carson City at Mills Park.  Sharie and Virva hope to have a least one member there each day.  More information will be provided as it is received.
4. Nevada Sesquicentennial (150 years):  Amy is coordinating.  Many details for this event are still being finalized.  Amy will keep us updated.  Will be held in Fuji Park in Carson City July 30 to August 3, 2014.  It is hoped that this event will become the new Nevada State Fair.  Fuji Park is a better venue.  We will have our own space inside a building.  Much will be different from the old Nevada State Fair including no gate fee (which will make it much easier for our members to come visit), competition categories have changed (many have been combined or redefined), and competition judging will be open to the public.  Amy is willing to do a lot of coordinating, but she will be out of town some of the time leading up to the event and is looking for help.  She will post a list for help she needs on the blog.  Also, Amy is looking for the sheets for the tables.  They seem to have wandered off since the last fair.  Lastly, Amy reminds everyone to keep the competition and displays in mind leading up to the event.
5. Cotton Spinning Workshop:  Nevada City Guild organized a Cotton Spinning Workshop for May 28, 2014 from 9 am to 4 pm in Nevada City.  The cost is $60 for non-guild members.  The instructor will be Joan Ruiz.
6. Facebook:  Everyone seems to be having fun connecting on Facebook.  People are on everyday discussing all sorts of things.  There was a request to post a library list.  The downside to Facebook is there is no secure way to post a membership list.
7. Ornament Exchange:  Robin made the suggestion that next year we open our ornaments at the meeting so everyone can so who go what.  Many people agreed with this suggestion.
8. Meetings:  Some clarification was requested on meeting locations for 2014.  March, April, November, and December meetings will be held at Bartley Ranch.  October meeting will be held at the Celtic Fair.  Meeting dates listed on the blog as 2013 dates are really 2014 dates.

New Business

1. Sheep Shearing: Anna Harvey of Harvey Farms wanted to invite anyone who wanted to come out a see sheep shearing at her farm.  She will be shearing on February 16 and 17 starting at 9 am.
2. Harvey Farms Ranch Days:  Anna Harvey also wanted to invite everyone out to the ranch for Farm Days in August.  Farm Days is the second Saturday in August (August 9).  The day will include history of the ranch; spinning, felting and dying classes; vendors (Anna has applications); fiber sales; shearing; and a Basque BBQ.  A vote was taken to see if the guild wanted to move the August meeting from the Arboretum to Harvey Farms.  The majority wanted to move the meeting so August meeting will now be at Harvey Farms during Farm Days.  The meeting will be held between workshops, at lunchtime.  Anna will provide more information about workshops, applications for vendors, and directions to get there.  Harvey Ranch is located in Calpine, between Greagle and Truckee.
3. Stitches Show:  Santa Clara, CA, February 21-23
4. Knit and Crochet Show:  Manchester, NH, July 20-23
5. Artistic Yarn in Vallejo, CA:  Artistic Yarn is a yarn and fiber store that is closing.  The Craigslist ad advertises free stuff, dye, equipment, sale items, office equipment, big machinery, and batts.
6. UNR Shearing:  UNR will be shearing their sheep on February 19.

Learning Tree for the February meeting was question answering.

Learning Tree for March will be all about different kinds of spindles and how to spin different kinds of fibers.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their spindles.

Show and Tell:

Ruth – has fallen in love with spinning.  She has discovered a podcast called High Fiber Diet.  She also cleaned fleece for the first time and made roll logs on a blending board.  Ruth rolled the fiber off the blending board very tightly onto a stick.  She is selling them for $7 per ounce.
Judy – showed felted bowls that her husband made.
Kendra – just finished a Christmas present for her sister that is a Doctor Who themed tea cozy.
Judy – showed a rolled fleece scarf that she made
Carol – has a knitted hat
Chris – is spinning half silk half merino on her drop spindle
Ashley – made her husband a colorwork hat for Christmas.  The pattern is a dragon.  She also showed off her adorable felted penguin.
Myna – made a very soft baby blanket and a cute little dragon
Libby – is working on Brioche knitting
Robin – processed some more fleece to spin and has a need project bag made by Max
Margery – made a cute baby sweater and blanket
Susan – showed her second attempt at handspun sock yarn and her first attempt at rigid heddle weaving using hand spun yarn
Amy – is working on a zigzag scarf.  She will share the pattern in a few months.
Nancy – made socks and gloves with Walmart 100% acrylic yarn and a shaped shawl
Sara – made an elegant white bridal shawl with beads
Shelia – showed her Mobius cast on, a crochet basket, garter stitch cast off, and a sweater that requires very little piecing
Max – is working on an entrelac shrug.  She also showed a Mobius arm knitting scarf she made and a hat with a ponytail hole at the top and a draw sting for a custom fit
Sharie – shared her scarf with a leaf that goes through the hole and her arm knitting project

In attendance: Ruth Flagg, Virva Porcelli, Doris Woloszyn, Carolyn Thompson, Marilynn Clarke, Kendra Iwahashi, Jessi Casey, Judy Applegarth, Carol Lopez, Christine Lopez, Ashley Thibedeau, Myna Giannotti, Connie Vann, Libby Hejny, Hannah Woods, Robin Gallagher, Mimi Bullard, Jo Van Winkle, Margery McConaghy, Susan Palwick, Amy Shannon, Nancy Pryor, Sara Freitag, Sheila Young, Maxene Harlow, Sharie Jones, Judy Wells, and Sue Gottsacker

Monday, February 3, 2014

January 2014 Minutes

January 11, 2014 Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was held at Bartley Ranch and was called to order at 11:00 am.

The December minutes were approved by general consent.  Doris asked that the November minutes be corrected to indicate that the Celtic Fair Association had not refunded our deposit but donated $200 to our guild.  Secretary Marilyn made the change: “The Celtic Fair Association donated $200 to thank us for attending!”

Treasurer’s Report:  Doris reported she’s received dues from 7 members, and $51 from the silent auction.  Expenses include $151 for DVDs, $25.35 for potluck supplies, $50 for a foot control for the guild’s electric spinner, and $11 for dowels for spindle kits.  The guild has $3429.95 with 52 members.  She’s collecting 2014 dues today, $25 for the year.  An upcoming expense is our liability insurance due in March/April.  Doris suggests we donate $300 in total this year and thinks Heifer International is a good cause.

Library Report:  Heidi reported we will be watching the first hour of “Three Bags Full” by Judith MacKenzie for our Learning Tree today.  Please let Heidi know if there are any library items you want the guild to purchase.

Old Business:
1. Max and Marilynn shared more information about the “Queen’s Tea Party” event at the Arboretum in July.  Max and Marilynn will contact the arboretum to finalize the date.  Max will set up committees.  Guild members can sell items at the event and will be charged 10-15% that goes to the arboretum.  This is a fundraiser for them.  There was discussion of the need for details and a proposed budget.  Some guild funds will be needed for tea equipment rental/catering.  Marilynn explained those expenses, “seed money”, are meant to be reimbursed through ticket sales.
2. Carson Rendezvous.  Sharie asked members if they want to officially participate as a guild.  After discussion, and due to participation in another event in July, members declined.  Individuals can still attend the event but the guild will be holding it’s regular June meeting at Marilynn’s house.
3. Max gave Doris the form for purchasing a brick with our name on it in front of the Bartley Ranch School House where we meet.

New Business:
1. Amy Shannon reported the guild has been invited to participate in the Nevada Sesquicentennial (150 years) July 30- August 3rd at Fuji Park in Carson City.  The event hopes to reinstate the Nevada State Fair and Amy encouraged the guild to participate.  The guild would have space inside a building.  After discussion, 10-12 members agreed to participate.  Amy agreed to coordinate our involvement and will have more details at future meetings.  She encourages members to make items to enter in the fair competitions.
2. Sharie asked how the guild’s Facebook group is working and members replied that it was helpful and they “love it”.   Chris Lopez offered to help any member who needs help accessing the FB group.
3. Max reported she got some great deals at a yarn shop, Art Fibers, in the Bay Area that is going out of business.  She’ll post info on our Facebook page.  Last day of business is January 19th.
4. Virva announced the Nevada City Guild is hosting Joan Ruiz in a spinning cotton workshop March 27-28.  See Virva if you’re interested.  She’ll let us know if there are spots available at the next meeting.

The meeting ran late so there was no Show and Tell.  The meeting adjourned at 12:20 and the Learning Tree commenced.

In Attendance:  Marilyn Pearson, Hannah Woods, Sheila Young, Heidi Ericson, Margery McConaghy, Mimi Bullard, Jo Van Winkle, Nancy Pryor, Susan Palwick, Judy Applegarth, Sharie L. Jones, Maxene Harlow, Virva Porcelli, Marilynn Clarke, Sue Gottsacker, Doris Woloszyn. Amy Shannon, Ruth Flagg, Rhonda la Fountaine, Mary Sherman, Sandi Steele, Annabelle Younger, Ashley Thibedeau, Veronica Davis, Myna Giannotti, Kendra Iwahashi, Judy Wells, Connie Vann, Janet Drozd, Bev Perkins, Carol Lopez, Chris Lopez, Mary B.
Our next meeting will be on February 8th at the Bartley Ranch School House

Thursday, January 9, 2014

December 2013 Minutes

Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild
December 14, 2013 Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was held at Bartley Ranch and was called to order at 11:00 am.

The November minutes were approved by general consent.
Members welcomed back Carol Lopez.

Treasurer’s Report: Doris reported we sold 4 spindle kits ($26) and received $20 in donations. She has reserved the Davis Creek Park location for our September 12-13, 2014 retreat for $350. She purchased gallon plastic bags for $8.01. The treasury has $3400.93 with 50 paid members. Dues ($25 a year) are due in January to Doris. There was discussion of the guild’s annual donation to Heifer International. It was decided to go ahead with that donation for this year but do some research into other possibilities for next year.

Library Report: Heidi reported the guild has purchased four DVDs: “Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom”, “Life After Warping”, “Tablet Weaving Made Easy”, and “Dyeing in the Kitchen”. The library also has “The Gentle Art of Plying” and “Three Bags Full” by Judith McKenzie. Heidi also has several Cotton Spinning DVDs. Please contact her to check out a DVD for 30 days. If you want any other DVDs, let Heidi know. Nancy Pryor donated a book, “Primary Structures of Fabrics”.

Old Business:
  1. Sharie reported all the reservations for our 2014 meeting dates have been completed.
  2. Max reported the arboretum group that Marilynn belongs to wants to partner with us for the Fashion Show in June or July 2014. The theme will be “The Queen’s Tea Party” and will be a fundraiser for the arboretum. Guild members can make things to sell/raffle at the event.
  3. Max asked if members want to participate in the Carson Rendezvous at Mills Park in Carson City the second weekend in June 2014 (Fri, Sat, Sun). We could have our meeting there. It is the same weekend as the Tahoe Renaissance Fair. We’ll vote on this at the next meeting.
  4. Max asked members if the guild wants to purchase a brick on the walkway in front of the schoolhouse at Barley Ranch where we meet. Cost is $50 a brick. Margie seconded and the idea was approved by general consent.

New Business:
  1. Members discussed the possibility of a guild Facebook page to share information. Marilyn P. moved to start a private/closed Facebook group for guild members that wished to use it. Margie seconded. The motion was approved.
  2. Officers for the 2014 guild year were approved by general consent: Sharie and Max will continue as co-presidents, Virva will be Vice President, Marilyn and Kendra will share the Secretary position (surprise Kendra!), Doris will continue as Treasurer, Heidi will continue as “Keeper of the Knowledge”, and it was decided we don’t need a Raffle coordinator since we have so much money in the treasury.
  3. Connie asked if the guild wanted to organize a spinning in the schools demo that we could offer to the district through the Artist in Residence program. Virva, Max, and Mim reported their efforts to do demos/teach spinning and fiber arts at various school settings. The discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Show and Tell: Max showed more of her Molly Dolls and some roving she made at a batt party. She wants to make our Batt Party an annual event. She also had a Christmas lights necklace and a Hersey’s Kiss hat. Virva showed her Free Lace scarf that she put through the washer to felt. She showed a two-ply blue yarn she made from her batt party efforts and will make it into a vest. She made a hackle from combs after seeing Sharie’s at the party. Rhonda showed some ornaments she made felting wool with chopsticks using cookies cutters to shape the fiber. Judy W. showed a green scarf she made and some gorgeous wooden knitting bowls her husband made. She had several for sale and took orders for more at $45 each. Mim showed some kitchen concoctions including a sourdough starter she’s willing to share. Myna showed an elaborate green dragon stuffed animal she knitted, complete with wings. Heidi hosted a batt party recently and is donating 3 batts for the spindle kits. Carol showed a cashmere afghan she’s been working on in a ripple pattern. Mary S. showed some arm warmers with a thumbhole she made in a light mint green. Robin bought a used drum carder for $200, got fleece from Doris, watched the “Three Bags Full” DVD, and showed the resulting batts. Nancy Pryor reported the guild’s electric spinner now has a foot peddle to control the speed better. She has some dyed Romney braid for sale. She also showed a lovely woven jacket she made. Janet S. showed a recycled yarn sweater she’s knitting for her grandson from his great grandma’s sweater. She also showed some yarn she made from strips of old t-shirts. Sheila showed some crocodile slippers she made. Marilyn P. showed a nice travel bag Myna made for her to carry the rigid heddle loom they both bid on (but Myna got) at the retreat in September. Myna has generously gifted the loom, bag, and accompanying book to Marilyn. Mary B. is happy to be knitting. She reports Jimmy Bean’s has core-spinning yarn for sale at $35 for a small skein. Jessi showed kitty and octopus ornaments she made and is selling in her Etsy shop online. Judy A. made ornaments on wooden spools from leftover batts that she needle-felted. She also showed a lovely dyed silk scarf she made and then added felt accents done with wet felting.

In Attendance: Marilyn Pearson, Bev Perkins, Mary B., Jessi Casey, Judy Applegarth, Sharie L. Jones, Maxene Harlow, Virva Porcelli, Barbara Hunt, Connie Vann, Sue Gottsacker, Alfred Hingiss (guest), Judy Wells, Rhonda La Fountaine, Margery McConaghy, Mimi Bullard, Myna Giannotti, Heidi Ericson, Christine Lopez, Carol Lopez, Mary Sherman, Eileen Jacobs, Janet Drozd, Toni Strassburg, Robin Gallagher, Nancy Pryor, Janet Schueller, Sheila Young.

Next Meeting: January 11, 2014, 11:00 at Bartley Ranch Schoolhouse

Monday, December 9, 2013

Minutes November 2013

Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild
November 9, 2013 Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was held at Bartley Ranch and was called to order at 10:50 am. 

The October minutes were approved by general consent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Doris reported the guild sold 13 spindle kits for $77 at the Celtic Fair plus an addition 3 for $13.  The Celtic Fair association refunded our $200 entrance fee to thank us for attending!  We also got our $100 deposit back from the Davis Creek retreat.  The treasury has $3712.94 with 50 paid members.  Annual membership dues of $25 are due . . .soon!  January 1st.  Doris will use some funds to purchase more gallon bags and print more information sheets.

Library Report: Heidi reported she has some new DVDs in the library: “Three Bags Full” by Judith Mackenzie, “Tablet Weaving Made Easy”, and Rigid Heddle, Beyond the Basics”.  She will purchase the last two soon.  Heidi suggested we could show DVDs as a Learning Tree if we had a screen.  Marilynn offered to let the guild use hers.  Nancy suggested we purchase “Spinning Cotton”.  Virva said she would watch for it on the Interweave sales.  Heidi is working on getting a list of library items online for members to check out resources.

Old Business:

1. Nancy made and brought nametags for everyone.  Thank you Nancy!!  There’s a box by the door at each meeting for retrieving and then leaving your nametags.
2. Sharie’s email has been down due to rodents chewing the wires.  If you’ve been having trouble reaching her, that’s why.  All is fixed now.
3. Doris’s ancient answering machine is dead.  If you need to contact her, please call her in the evening. 
4. Doris is still working on a members list to mail out.  She does have some paper copies if you need one soon.
5. The Fashion Show idea is still looking for a home. Virva will ask Bartley Ranch if we could have it here.  Max is looking for people to be on the committee to organize it.

New Business:

1. Sharie discussed locations for next year’s meeting since we need to make reservations soon.  Virva moved we use the same meeting places we did this year including having the October meeting at the Celtic Fair.  Max seconded.  The motion passed by general consent.  Virva will make reservations for the Bartley Ranch schoolhouse for January, February, March, April, November, and December.  Doris will reserve Davis Creek for next year’s retreat in September.
2. Max discussed the need to nominate/volunteer officers for the next club year.  Max and Sharie offered to continue being co-presidents.  Connie declined to be vice president again.  Virva offered to be VP.  Marilyn P. nominated Kendra to be co-secretary with her next year since she did such a nice job filling in for Marilyn one month last summer.
3. The guild Potluck Christmas Party is next month on December 14.  There will also be an ornament exchange and a silent auction.  Bring items for the auction if you have them.  All auction proceeds go to the guild.  Sharie suggested putting your name in your wrapped ornament bag if it’s homemade. 
4. After discussion, it was decided to donate a large book on tapestry, leftover from the retreat, to the guild library rather than selling it.

Show and Tell: 
Max showed yarn she made at the Celtic Fair and announced she’s now a doll maker!  She showed a doll she made that looked just like her and surprised Heidi with a doll which wore a purple sweater and held a drop spindle.  Sharie showed a Mary Jane’s Magazine article with needle-felted animal patterns and suggested that as a Learning Tree.  Virva suggested we do needle felting at the next retreat.  She showed her new Pocket Wheel spinning wheel ordered 1 ½ years ago.  It works well, is very portable, and works with a wooly winder. Jimmie showed some socks she made with Kool-Aid dyed yarn. Susannah showed some yarn she made since being introduced to spinning at the Celtic Fair!  Robyn showed some green and yellow yarn she spun and announced her new business, Paisley Fiber.  Gina showed a cloth tea cozy that doubles as a hat, some silk scarves, and some silk noil she dyed.  Kendra showed a hat and her Free Lacy scarf.  Mim showed a swan-like gourd she grew from Margery’s seeds.  She also showed some felted dryer balls she made with leftover wool yarn.  She may sell them on Etsy for $5 each.  Mim also showed some pendants she made from smashed spoons.  Marilyn P.  showed some self-striping socks she made.  Pam showed some of her washed and carded wool from the Icelandic fleece she purchased.  Susan is going to the Panama Canal and is looking forward to seeing the textile market in Guatemala.  Nancy showed some core-spun yarn she made.  Heidi reported she spun 15 skeins of yarn in 1½ weeks recently.  Her cat has developed a ”fiber fetish” so she can’t display yarn on her walls anymore.  Max reported she purchased a used Ashford Traveler spinning wheel for $200 at a thrift shop.  She needs help setting it up.

The meeting was adjourned and the Mad Hatter’s Batt Party learning tree was a big success.

In Attendance:  Pam Sutton, Susan Palwick, Nancy Pryor, Heidi Ericson, Mary B. Jessi Casey, Judy Applegarth, Maxene Harlow, Sharie Jones, Virva Porcelli, Jimmie Upham, Barbara Hunt, Tiffany H.  Connie Vann, Marilynn Clarke, Doris Woloszyn, Margery McConaghy, Jo Van Winkle, Susannah Coates, Robin Gallagher, Mimi Bullard, Myna Giannotti, Gina Iwahashi, Kendra Iwahashi, Bev Perkins, Marilyn Pearson

Next Meeting: 

Christmas Potluck, Ornament Exchange, and Silent Auction
Saturday December 14 at Bartley Ranch.

Friday, November 1, 2013

October Minutes 2013

Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild
October 5, 2013 Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was held at Bartley Ranch as part of the Celtic Fair.  The meeting was called to order at 11:07 am.

The September minutes were approved by general consent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Doris reported the guild made $149 in sales at the September retreat.  Mim sold some spindle kits.  The guild paid $58.15 for the green flyers, $52.01 for the free lace workshop supplies, and $28 to cover the cost of Marilynn’s dye workshop.  The guild has $3322.94 with 50 paid memberships.

Library Report: Heidi reported “Nothing new” for the library.

Old Business:
1. Heidi reported Carol Lopez is recovering after breaking her femur in 4 places.  She can walk with a walker now.  She is at Rosewood Rehab Center on Sullivan Lane, room 24.  Sharon Campbell broke her neck in a fall, had surgery, and is back home and ready for visitors.
2. Sharie thanked Marilynn for her dye workshop calling it a “huge success”.
3. Nancy brought in a bin of names tags.  See her to find yours or get supplies to make your own.
4. Heidi reports we now have 1200 business cards.  See her if you’d like some to hand out.
5. Doris sent around the master member list for update.  Please contact her ASAP to make sure your info is current.  She will email the list out in the next several weeks.
6. Sharie reported Bob the Ranger called to say the Harvest Festival was cancelled.  We don’t know when or if it will be rescheduled.
7. Sharie asked if anyone registered for the Spinzilla event.  None of the members present had signed up.
8. Sharie had further info on the NV Waldorf school request:  they need donations of supplies, not a demo.
9. Doris confirmed the Black Sheep Festival is June 20-22 next summer.
10. Max reported we couldn’t do a Fashion Show at the Arboretum as previously thought.  She is looking for another venue.

New Business:
1. Max proposed having a “Mad Hatters Batt Party” as a Learning Tree at the     November meeting.  Members approved.  Wear your favorite hat, bring your carders, and bring fiber to share.  Marilynn will bring her picker.
2. Max reported on the National Button Show she attended with her mother here in Reno recently.  She spoke with an official there who said our guild could be involved when the event is held again in two years.  Buttons are the third most collectible items in the world, after coins and stamps.
3. Virva reported Linda Lindsay, one of our new members, competed in the bagpipe competition here at the fair today.

Show and Tell:
New member Jan Mayberry and her daughter Kyra reported on their trip to the Oregon Flock and Fiber event they attended in Portland recently.  They literally pulled a rabbit out of their bag to introduce a beautiful Satin Angora rabbit they purchased at the event.  Virva showed a ball of mustard colored wool she dyed with lichen which is self-mordanting.  She also showed several fibers she dyed with Jacquard acid dye in various shades of yellow.  Connie showed her table runner from the free lace class.  She used tulle to back it and added paper flowers.  Lovely!  Sharie showed her bunch of color samples from Marilynn’s natural dye class, some teal colored art yarn she made, and her free lace shawl after a second rinsing.  Marilynn showed fiber samples from her indigo dye class.

In Attendance:
Connie Vann, Pam Sutton, Marilynn Clarke, Heidi Ericson, Maxene Harlow, Sharie L. Jones, Mimi Bullard, Doris Woloszyn, Robin Gallagher, Virva Porcelli, Nancy Pryor, Margi McConaghy, Jo Van Winkle, Jan and Kyra Mayberry, Marilyn Pearson

Next Meeting:  Saturday November 9th at Bartley Ranch
We will be making fun batts of fiber after the meeting. Bring your drum carders if you have one and lots of colored fiber, Firestar, silk or anything to make a one of a kind batt!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Minutes September 2013

Madder Root
Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild
September 14, 2013 Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was the guild’s annual retreat and was held at Davis Creek Park.  The meeting was called to order at 11:15 am. 

The August minutes were approved by general consent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Doris reported she has received 3 more paid dues for $75 and 3 more dye workshop signups for $195.  The guild reimbursed $19.48 for the spindles kits and $20 for other supplies.  Currently, the guild has $3482.10 with 50 members.  Toni moved that the guild reimburse Max for the Free Lace shawl supplies, Janet D. seconded and the motion was approved.  The check will be reported next month and will be $40-50. 

Library Report: Heidi reported “Nothing new”.

Old Business:
1. Sharie thanked Mim for all the emails she sent out for retreat planning.
2. Members will get name tags blanks from Nancy Pryor at the next meeting and can make their own nametags. 
3. Doris passed around a member info sheet for editing.  Please contact Doris to update your info if you weren’t at today’s meeting.
4. Marilynn’s dye class is next weekend.  The materials sheet was sent around for members who’ve signed up for the class.  Marilynn still needs stainless steel pots and burners/camp stoves, if you can bring them.
5. Virva, Mim, and Doris attended the Plumas County Fair in Quincy at the invitation of Anna Harvey.  They were part of a group of 8 demonstrating fiber arts in an air-conditioned building.  They highly recommend more members attend next year.
6. Anna also invited the guild to attend Discovery Days near Graeagle next July.  Doris attended this year.
7. Our October meeting will be on a different day, Saturday, Oct 5th, at the Celtic Fair at Bartley Ranch, on level grass.  Doris will submit a member list so you should be able to get in for free at the entrance.  Bring your spinning wheel/spinning supplies and dress in costume, if you wish. Nancy will set up our area at 3:00 on Friday.  Contact her if you can help.
8. Marilyn and Mim finished the card stock flyers and passed them out at the meeting today.  Marilyn will store the flyers and bring them to the next few meetings.  Contact her if you need some before then.

New Business:
1. Bob, the ranger at Rancho San Rafael Park, invited the guild to participate in Harvest Days at the park on Sept 21st, from 10 to mid-afternoon.  Shari will get more info and Mim will email it to everyone.
2. Max announced the Woolery online store is doing a “Spinzilla”, Oct 7-13.  Spinners can register, be placed on a team, and compete for the most yarn produced over that week.  Yarn goes to charity.  Contact Max if you need more information or checkout the Woolery shop online.
3. Virva and Robin both have Ashford Traveler wheels they’re selling.  $400 or make an offer.
4. The Nevada Waldorf School, 953 West Pecham Lane, Reno, is looking for fiber artists to give demonstrations to their students.  Mim emailed this request to guild members several weeks ago.
5. Heidi sent around a card for Carol Lopez who fell and broke her hip and femur this past week.
6. Doris announced the Black Sheep Gathering dates for next year might be different than printed in their newsletter.  She thinks the dates are June 20-22 but will check and let us know.

Show and Tell:

Janet S.  had some mystery fiber she asked member to identify.  The consensus was soy or some sort of vegetable fiber.  Marilyn showed a skein of nylon eyelash yarn which looked and felt like fur along with info about the Harry Potter knits magazine she purchased and downloaded from the Interweave online store.  Heidi showed her Turkish bed socks she knit for Max to thank her for letting her stay in her “princess bedroom” recently.  She also showed a dusty blue, cabled vest she made but is too big for her.  It needs a home.  Connie tried it on and a deal was done.  Ashley showed a lovely skein of blue Merino/bamboo/silk, 2 ply, she spun from some of Mim’s fiber.  Myna showed a hank of newly spun fiber saying, “I finally finished a skein!”  Kendra showed some fiber Gina dyed “and only felted a little” along with a gorgeous three-dimensional granny square shawl made with variegated acrylic yarn.  Robin show a book, North American Dye Plants she’s using to experiment with dyeing and some samples:  Alpaca/Corriedale/silk fiber dyed with rabbitbrush in shades of yellow and an unknown fiber dyed with purple flowers that turned out a muted green.  Robin uses tin as a mordant but reuses it and has heard that people never throw it out.  Sharie showed a floppy tam she made out of ribbon yarn and a novelty yarn.  She went to a bat party and showed several bats she made, suggesting this would be a fun Learning Tree activity for on of the guild’s winter indoor meeting.  Sharie also showed her Free Lace shawl and members watched as she washed out the stabilizer.  Max showed a bat she made from an inspiration photo of Emerald Bay “with the color pumped up”.  She also showed a “Max Doll” she made from a pattern in the British magazine, Molly Magazine, and commented on the tensioning info in the latest Spin Off magazine.  Doris commended on an article in Heifer Magazine, “How to make cheese like a Romanian Grandma”.  She had fun at the 2013 Ram Sale at Rafter Seven Ranch and read some comments about her win at Black Sheep Gathering from their newsletter.  Doris recently sent 10 fleeces to a wool and fleece auction in Monterey and won 10 ribbons!  Nine of the fleeces sold for a total of $883.  Congratulations Doris!  Robin showed her new, one-of-a-kind Majacraft Pioneer wheel in chartreuse.  She’s looking for someone to paint designs on the wheel. 

In Attendance:  Janet Schueller, Janet Drozd, Eileen Jacobs, Jo Van Winkle, Toni Strassburg, Doris Woloszyn, Maxene Harlow, Sharie L. Jones, Robin Gallagher, Mimi Bullard, Margery McConaghy, Virva Porcelli, Kendra Iwahashi, Myna Giannotti, Ashley Thibedeau, Heidi Ericson, Connie Vann, and Marilyn Pearson.

Next Meeting:  Saturday Oct 5th at the Celtic Fair at Bartley Ranch
They will have a list of our members so when you enter the park drive down to the check in spot for the Fair. You will then take a left and a right and park down at the end of the park. As you drive to the parking area you will see a covered patio on your right. We will be on the grass down from the patio.