Thursday, September 11, 2014

August 2014 Minutes


August 9,2014
Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers
Sharie Jones and Maxene Harlow Co Presidents

The meeting was held at Anna Harvey's Ranch.
The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m.
The August minutes were approved by general consent.

Treasures Report:  Our Treasure Doris Wolozyn, reported that the Guild has a total of $3,787.42
                               in the guild treasury account.

Library Report:       There was no Library report at this meeting.

Old Business:
                         1.  I just wanted to thank Anna Harvey for everyone at the guild to your wonderful
                              Fiber Farm Festival.  We all learned so much from all the classes and demos
                              that were offered, and especially enjoyed buying interesting items from the
                              vendor.  The food was a wonderful treat and what a fun time we all had.
                              Thank you Anna Harvey!!!!

                          2.  There was no new information from Nancy Pryor about the Celtic Fair.Just
                               a reminder that the October meeting will be held at a week early at the Celtic
                                Fair on Sat & Sun the 4th and 5th of October at the Bartley Ranch.  We will
                                start our meeting at 11:00 a.m.  We should have more information on the
                                Celtic Fair at the September meeting.
New Business:
                           1.  Next month is the Guild Spinsters Retreat, on the 12th -14th, Fri thru Sun. At
                                Davis Creek Park in Washoe Valley.  If you are camping for the weekend you
                                can start setting up Friday at Noon and tear down Sunday at Noon.  If you
                                are planning to camp please try and bring some extra fire wood to burn in the
                                evening for the campfire. Also everyone camping or not please bring ice and
                                some extra waters to share.  On Saturday the meeting will begin at 11:00
                                a.m. and after the meeting everyone usually brings a delicious recipe from
                                there kitchen for the potluck.  You may also bring something for the Silent
                                Auction donated to the Guild or you may bring items to sell.
                                This year we decided to have a few different Learning Trees for members to
                                 participate in.   We will have a station with Mim to demonstrate Felting.
                                 Sharie will have a station where she is demonstrating Arm Knitting, and Max
                                 will have a station demonstrating Hairpin Lace Knitting.  Mim will supply
                                 anything necessary for the Wet Felting, for the Arm knitting and the Hairpin
                                 Lace Knitting you will need a couple balls of worsted weight yarn and a                                          med size crochet.  Anything else needed will be provided.
                                 Can't wait to see you all there, we always have a wonderful time. *&lt:-P party
                             2.  Nancy Grundy a former member of our guild, will be attending our retreat
                                  on Saturday afternoon and will be selling some knitting, weaving and fiber
                                  books, magazines, some yarn and fiber.  Nancy has been a fiber artist
                                  for years and will have some wonderful fiber items to sell at the retreat.

Show N Tell:              We had a very short but interest Show N Tell.

Meeting Adjourned by all!!!!!
                      So we could enjoy the rest of Anna Harvey's Farm Festival.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July 2014 Minutes

July 10, 2014 Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was held at Mim’s ranch and was called to order at 11:36 am.  Sharie was welcomed back after hip surgery.

The June minutes were approved by general consent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Doris reported the guild received $50 from the sale of the donated floor loom.  The guild has $3762.37 with 50 members.

Library Report:  Heidi reported the equipment list and dates of upcoming events are now on our website.  Max bought a copy of “Field Guide to Fleece” at the Black Sheep Gathering for our guild, $14.95.

Old Business:
1. Max got 2 blue ribbons for her hat and Baby Surprise entry at Black Sheep.  Doris had wonderful experiences, ask her all about it!  Her entries did very well too.  Myna and Ashley went to Black Sheep also and enjoyed themselves so much they’re planning on going again next year.
2. Mim reported there might be a need for spinners to demo at Bower’s Mansion on July 26th for the Nevada 150th anniversary.  More info to come.
3. Our next meeting is at Anna Harvey’s in California.  Mim will put directions to her house on the website.  Call Anna at 916-217-8220 or 530-994-3617 to sign up for classes or if you’d like a booth ($25) to sell items.  Check out for the class schedule.  We won’t have a formal meeting that day but plan to gather together before lunch.
4. Virva is going to Gold Discovery Days.  Contact her if you plan to go too.
5. Amy said CSSW will just do demos at the Nevada 150th Anniversary fair July 30-August 3.  She hasn’t heard back any details from them.  She is discouraged that there hasn’t been any advertising.
6. Sharie will go to the Nevada County Fair in Grass Valley to demo spinning, etc.
7. Sharon Campbell likes the Plumas Sierra County Fair in Quincy August 13-17.

New Business:
1. Doris met a mother daughter business, Spinja Fiber Arts, recently and thought the guild might like to invite them to our September retreat and bring a truck show.
2. Max asked members to start thinking about a Learning Tree for the retreat and email ideas to Mim.  There was discussion about felting and rigid heddle loom weaving.

After Show and Tell, the meeting was adjourned at 2:21

In attendance:  Marilyn Pearson, Miriam Volpin, Robin Gallagher, Mimi Bullard, Jo Van Winkle, Margery McConaghy, Hanna Woods, Doris Woloszyn, Eileen Jacobs, Nancy Pryor, Marilynn Clarke, Virva Porcelli, Heidi Erickson, Sara Freitag, Bev Perkins, Sharie L. Jones, Maxine Boulin, Susan Palwick, Sharon Campbell, Sheila Young, Shelley Neate, Myna Giannotti, Ashley Thibedeau, Heather Christian, Rowan Christian, Mary B.
Our next meeting will be at Anna Harveys in Calpine Ca.
Driving Directions from Reno
Take 395 North to Highway 70 exit. Pass through Beckwourth and take County Road A23 for 11.5 miles our driveway is on the right. Take dirt road 2.5 miles towards the trees. We are the only ones out here.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Minutes June 2014

Guild Minutes 6/14/14

Treasurer’s Report: Doris Woloszyn
Doris reported that the $500 donation to the Nevada State Museum for Navajo Rug repair has been made. The balance remaining is $3712.37 and we have 50 members.
Library: Heidi Ericson
It was discussed to bring books related to the Learning Tree topic to the meetings.
Old Business:
Virva reported on Joanne Ruane’s Cotton Spinning Class and her book Easy to Spin Cotton.
Heidi reported on Spindle Camp, it was wonderful! Francis Lake has a really nice facility, has a great variety of camping options. The Foothill Fiber Group did a wonderful job.
Amy recommended that since there is no organization regarding the Fair in Carson City, that we treat it as we do “Farm Days” and demonstrate wherever we find space. She suggested we attend the Nevada County Fair in Grass Valley, CA, Aug. 6-10th.
Doris reported on Gold Discovery Days held at Plumas-Eureka State Park, she will get back to us with the dates. The town of Johnsville, CA was incorporated into the park. Nicole told us more about the park and all the volunteers there are friends of hers.
Sharie will call about the dates for the Rancho San Rafael demonstration dates and report back to us.
New Business:
Marilynn Clarke will have a Stash Sale at the Guild meeting held at her house.
The Learning Tree at Mimi’s house for the July 12th meeting will be Indigo dyeing.
Sharie Jones will have her hip surgery on June 25th.
Mimi will get the information and dates of the Bowers Mansion demonstrations.
Sharie reported on the August meeting, it will be held at Anna Harvey’s during Sierra Valley Ranch Days. There will be “deadhead flower” dyeing, $20 per participant. Lunch will be $15. There will also be Fiber Workshops, a historical hike and a tour. Mimi will get the directions for us.
Doris has several moorit lambs for sale.
Mimi has several Shetland lambs for sale.
Mimi will create a “Summer Events” box on the blog, so please let her know the dates and times of any events.
In attendance:
Margery McConaghy, Virva Porcelli, Mimi Bullard, Sharie Jones, Mary B., Marilynn Clarke, Bev Perkins, Amy Shannon, Heather Christian, Rowan Christian, Myna Gianotti, Ashley Thibedeau, Heidi Ericson, Doris Woloszyn, Maxene Harlow, Nancy Pryor, Nicole Kelly, Jo Van Winkle, Sue Gottsacker

The July meeting will be at my house on July 12th. Copy the directions and do NOT use a GPS to get here it will take you on a wild ride.

Mim Bullard is in Rancho Haven:  From Reno, drive north on Hwy 395 to the first Red Rock exit #78, after the Stead Blvd exit.  Drive 20 miles to the Sierra Ranchos Valley, and take the first left (after Jeanette Miller’s alpaca ranch ) onto Arabian.  It’s a dirt road but has a county sign.  Drive up into the valley and turn left on Rancho, then continue several hundred yards and turn right on Thoroughbred.  Mim is about two miles up and on the right – 455 Thoroughbred Circle.  If you are coming in from California, the north Red Rock exit is 13 miles past the exit for Hwy 70 at Hallelujah Junction and only turns right.  Continue four miles from the State line, past the volunteer fire house and turn right on Rancho, at mailbox central.  There is a cell signal at the mail boxes.  Mim’s number is 775-969-3249.  You must use 775.  Drive to first right and turn right on Rancho a second time,  then continue several hundred yards and turn right on Thoroughbred.  Mim is about two miles up and on the right – 455 Thoroughbred Circle.  

Friday, June 6, 2014

May 2014 Minutes

May 10, 2014 Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was held at Doris’ ranch and was called to order at 11:12 am.  

The April minutes were approved by general consent. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Doris reported she received one renewal dues and $91 from the sale of spindle kits.  Expenses for the month were $23.35 for dowels and $500 to the Nevada State Museum for the Navaho rug repair project.  The treasury has $3687.37 and 49 members.  Dues are $25 a year.

Library Report:  No library report this month but Mim suggested we have a Learning Tree where Heidi picks a topic and brings items (books, DVDs, etc.) from the library to a meeting so members can check them out if interested.

Old Business:
1. Max read a thank you letter from the UNR Cooperative Extension thanking the guild for participation in Farm Days.  All participants got thank you letters.  Member commented they liked the event.
2. Sharie announced the Carson Rendezvous has been cancelled.  The grant money for that event went to the State Fair preparations instead.
3. Cotton Spinning workshop is May 28th in Nevada City.  Contact Diane Crist 650-906-6449 to register.  The event is 9am to 4 pm, $60 plus $8 materials fee for non-members.  Supply list available when you register.
4. Virva and Doris are going to Spindle Camp, June 4-8.  
5. Update on State Farm info from Amy:  she couldn’t attend today’s meeting but will post information for members on the CSSW blog.
6. Our June meeting will be at Marilynn’s house and the July meeting will be at Mim’s farm.
7. Members discussed the proposed linen workshop for 2015.  Mim suggest the guild pay for the workshop.  Virva will gather more info and report back to the guild.
8. Myna still has the donated floor loom in her garage and would like to get it out of there!  Mim has a friend who might take it but needs the measurements.   The guild agreed to sell it for a nominal fee.  

New Business:
1. Rancho San Rafael has some dates they would like the guild to show fiber arts from 10 am to 1 pm as part of a series showcasing ranching and agriculture. Contact person is Marie Fong.  Shari will ask if we can reserve a date or if we just show up.  There are lots of dates available through October.
2. Our August 9th meeting will be at Anna Harvey house as part of Sierra Valley Ranch Days, held 9am to 5 pm.  Her address is 6780 Harvey Ranch Road, Calpine, CA 96124 (near Graeagle).  Phone: 916-217-8220.  Website: www. Members can sell their own handmade items at the event.  Marilynn is doing a deadhead dye class at the event.

After Show and Tell, the meeting was adjourned.

In attendance:  Marilyn Pearson, Nancy Pryor, Hanna Woods, Sandi Steele, Maxene Harlow, Sharie L. Jones, Toni Strassburg, Eileen Jacobs, Margery McConaghy, Sandra Carruthers, Spencer Carruthers, Anna Harvey, Kendra Iwahashi, Robin Gallagher, Mimi Bullard, Susan Palwick, Doris Woloszyn, Judy Wells.

Our June meeting will be at Marilynn's home

Driving Directions:    From the South-- Take HWY 395 to the McCarran off-ramp, turn left and follow McCarran WEST to Socrates, turn right and follow Socrates NORTH to Greenstone, turn left (WEST) for one block to Comstock, then turn right (NORTH) to the end of pavement. We are the second driveway (left) off the pavement.  From the North-- From HWY 395 take the North Virginia off-ramp and follow N. Virginia street southward just past McCarran Blvd to Comstock, then turn left  (NORTH) up Comstock to the end of pavement. We are the second driveway off the pavement. Address:  3503 Comstock Drive  - Telephone: 786-1709

Saturday, May 3, 2014

April 2014 Minutes

April 12, 2014 Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Minutes Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents The meeting was held at Bartley Ranch and was called to order at 11:06 am. The March minutes were approved by general consent. Treasurer’s Report: Doris reported she collected 13 dues with 5 new members. The guild sold $133 in spindle kits. There were no expenses this month. The treasury has $4094.72 and 48 members. Doris reminds members that $25 dues are . . . .due! Library Report: Heidi reported “nothing new” but noted that she is working on using software to make a list of guild items available on the internet. Heidi brought the 2nd half of Judith McKenzie’s “Three Bags Full” video to watch for Learning Tree after the meeting today. Old Business: 1. Max reminded members to attend Spindle Camp, June 4-8, sponsored by the Foothill Fiber Guild. 2. Our next few meetings are scheduled in different locations: May is at Doris’s ranch; June is at Marilynn’s house; July is at Mimi’s ranch. Mark your calendars! 3. Virva reminded members of the Cotton Workshop, May 28, in Nevada City. Contact her for more information. 4. Max reminded members to make items to enter in the Nevada Sesquicentennial July 30-August 3 in Carson City.
New Business: 1. Ashley announced the guild now has a Clemes & Clemes spinning wheel, a loom, some hand carders, and some spinning and weaving books donated by someone’s grandmother. Robin will take and fix the wheel which needs a $22 part. Roland’s family may checkout the loom. The hand carders and books will go to the library. 2. Virva asked if any members would be interested in a linen workshop in 2015. The Reno Fiber Guild is inviting a teacher to do a workshop for spinning flax and we might ask for an additional workshop from her. After discussion, members wanted more info before deciding. Virva will let us know. 3. Nancy reported the Nevada State Museum in Carson City has a permanent display of rugs in their textile display that need repair. She moved that the guild donate $500 for repair of Navaho weaving on display. Marilynn seconded. After discussion, the motion passed by general consent. After Show and Tell, the meeting was adjourned. In attendance: Marilyn Pearson, Pam Sutton, Maxene Harlow, Susan Coates, Ashley Thibedeau, Janet Schueller, Susan Palwick, Sandra Carruthers, Spencer Carruthers, Al Carruthers, Judy Wells, Virva Porcelli, Kiera Mayberry, Jan Mayberry, Eileen Cornwell, Nancy Pryor, Marilynn Clarke, Doris Woloszyn, Mimi Bullard, Robin Gallagher, Margery McConaghy, Myna Giannotti, Eileen Jacobs, Sandi Steele, Hannah Woods, Gina Iwahashi, Kendra Iwahashi, Heidi Ericson, and Jo Van Winkle.

Doris Woloszyn’s in Chilcoot, California.  Hwy. 395 north from Reno, past Bordertown into California.  Exit 395 at Hwy. 70 to Portola/Quincy, turn left on Hwy. 70 going west for about 2 miles.  Turn left on Scott Road after crossing Long Valley Creek, before going up Beckwourth Pass.  Scott Road is dirt, and after 4/10 mile to the railroad crossing you’ll pass 2 homes (stay left on main road, not right up the hill), the railroad tracks and creek will be on your left.

Continue south on Scott Road for one and a half miles to a small bridge over Scott Creek
Another 4/10 mile to a large Cottonwood tree and the 3rd home, this is where the county stops grading the road so it’s a little rougher.  Another 2/10 mile to several buildings on hill with SPRAGUE sign, but stay to left and pass the driveway.  Next 3/10 mile the road curves from left to right up a small hill.  Stay to the right at the fork, going up the hill and look for my 404-185 sign on a “rock jack” fence corner.  This is where you turn right onto my driveway.

My driveway is 4/10 mile, first straight with a woven wire fence on the left and barb wire fence on the right, then at the next group of rock jacks curve right, down over the culvert and up hill to my house …cedar siding with a dark green metal roof and large wooden barn in back.  Sounds complicated but there are very few places out here.  I’ll try to put up some signs to help.  Call 530-993-4296 if you have questions or need help.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 2014 Minutes

March 8, 2014 Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was held at Bartley Ranch and was called to order at 11:00 am.

The February minutes were approved by general consent. Doris asked that the January minutes reflect that members did not want to give a donation to Heifers International this year.

Treasurer’s Report:  Doris reported she’s received 8 more dues, $200 and sold 3 spindle kits, $15. Expenses include: $11.85 spindle supplies, $11.30 purchase deposit slips, and $435 for renewal of our liability insurance.  The guild has $3636.72 with 35 paid members.

Library Report:  Heidi reported “nothing new” but noted that her email address is now on the blog site for those who wish to contact her to check out items from the guild library.

Old Business:

1. Sue G. passed around a magazine regarding places members/the guild might want to donate to.
2. Amy will post contact information for Spindle Camp June 4-8 on the guild Facebook page.
3. Carson City Rendezvous – since the guild is not a non-profit, members wishing to sell items at the event may need to pay a fee.  Shari will contact them to see if there is a cost.  Members could attend after our regular meeting at Marilynn’s in June.
4. Members discussed Joan Ruiz’s website  We have her DVD in our library.  The Spinning Cotton Workshop in Nevada City is filling up fast.  Contact Virva for info on how to sign up.
5. Amy gave additional information on the Nevada Sesquicentennial July 30-August 3 in Carson City.  She sent around a clipboard to signup for various committees/competitions.  The fair’s website is  Amy wants to have a beginning spinning competition.  Details were discussed.  She encourages people to display items.  She will report back with how much space the guild will have at the fair.

New Business:
1. Secretary Marilyn asked if the Show and Tell portion of the meeting could be left out of the minutes in order to simplify the secretary position for her and upcoming secretaries.  Members approved the motion by general consent.  (Thank you!)
2. Carol Lopez attended Stitches, a “kaleidoscope of color” in Santa Clara recently and highly recommends the event.
3. Virva reports Barbara can’t do the guild’s raffle anymore.  After discussion, members decided to postpone raffles until we need to raise money and/or we have a special event.
4. Sandi asked if the guild was doing Farm Days in Carson City.  Amy said maybe not.  Sandi will find out and post it on Facebook.
5. Shari reported that there were complaints after the Celtic Fair that the guild was selling items in the Reenactment area and that we should have paid the $325 vendor fee.  After discussion, members decided not to sell items at the next Celtic Fair in October 2014.

The Learning Tree today was all about different kinds of spindles and how to spin different kinds of fibers.

After Show and Tell, the meeting was adjourned.

In attendance:  Marilyn Pearson, Myna Giannotti, Ashley Thibedeau, Sandi Steele, Margery McConaghy, Mimi Bullard, Jo Van Winkle, Noelle Van Winkle, Nancy Pryor, Sara Freitag, Shelley Neate, Heidi Ericson, Susan Palwick, Sheila Young, Maxene Harlow, Sharie L. Jones, Virva Porcelli, Libby Hejny, Barbara Hunt, Lexsa Stevens, Sue Gottsacker, Amy Shannon, Chris Lopez, Carol Lopez, Judy Wells, Kiera Mayberry, Jan Mayberry, Eileen Jacobs, Mary Sherman, Marilynn Clarke, Doris Woloszyn, Hannah Woods, and Paulette Bowers.

Next meeting is at the Bartley Ranch School House April 12th

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 2014 Minutes

February 8, 2014 Minutes

The February meeting was held at Bartley Ranch and was called to order at 11:00 AM.

January minutes were approved by Susan Palwick and seconded by Amy Shannon.

Treasure’s Report:  Doris reports that the guild currently has $3879.95 with 27 paid members.  In January, Doris collected dues from 20 members (including 8 new members) for a total of $500.  Expenses for the month were: $50 for a guild brick for in front of the Bartley Ranch School House.  The deposit for Davis Creek Campground for the annual retreat in September has already been paid.  Liability Insurance payment is coming up soon.  Doris would also like to remind everyone that dues are now due.  Dues are $25 per year.

Library Report:  Heidi was not at the meeting so guild members tried to provide a little information about the library.  The blog has a link to the list for books, but it is old and Heidi is working on updating it.  The guild has lots of books and DVDs in our library that are available to borrow.  Someone also mentioned that there is no contract information for our librarian on the blog.

Old Business

1. Spindle Retreat:  June 4-8, 2014 at Lake Francis RV Resort in Northern California.  Many members have been before.  There is camping and cabins available.  Amy has contact information for the organizers.
2. Queen’s Tea Party in the Arboretum (Fashion Show):  It was decided that we wait until next year to hold this event.  This will allow for more time to answer questions and concerns, plan, and make items to show off.  The arboretum society is letting us use the arboretum.  Without the arboretum society’s support, we would be unable to use the arboretum because of cost and popularity of the location.  We are also looking into being able to use the arboretum society’s non-profit entity status to get donations for the event.  Members voiced concerns about the upfront cost to the guild.
3. Carson City Rendezvous:  Scheduled for the second weekend in June (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  This is the same weekend as our meeting.  It will be held in Carson City at Mills Park.  Sharie and Virva hope to have a least one member there each day.  More information will be provided as it is received.
4. Nevada Sesquicentennial (150 years):  Amy is coordinating.  Many details for this event are still being finalized.  Amy will keep us updated.  Will be held in Fuji Park in Carson City July 30 to August 3, 2014.  It is hoped that this event will become the new Nevada State Fair.  Fuji Park is a better venue.  We will have our own space inside a building.  Much will be different from the old Nevada State Fair including no gate fee (which will make it much easier for our members to come visit), competition categories have changed (many have been combined or redefined), and competition judging will be open to the public.  Amy is willing to do a lot of coordinating, but she will be out of town some of the time leading up to the event and is looking for help.  She will post a list for help she needs on the blog.  Also, Amy is looking for the sheets for the tables.  They seem to have wandered off since the last fair.  Lastly, Amy reminds everyone to keep the competition and displays in mind leading up to the event.
5. Cotton Spinning Workshop:  Nevada City Guild organized a Cotton Spinning Workshop for May 28, 2014 from 9 am to 4 pm in Nevada City.  The cost is $60 for non-guild members.  The instructor will be Joan Ruiz.
6. Facebook:  Everyone seems to be having fun connecting on Facebook.  People are on everyday discussing all sorts of things.  There was a request to post a library list.  The downside to Facebook is there is no secure way to post a membership list.
7. Ornament Exchange:  Robin made the suggestion that next year we open our ornaments at the meeting so everyone can so who go what.  Many people agreed with this suggestion.
8. Meetings:  Some clarification was requested on meeting locations for 2014.  March, April, November, and December meetings will be held at Bartley Ranch.  October meeting will be held at the Celtic Fair.  Meeting dates listed on the blog as 2013 dates are really 2014 dates.

New Business

1. Sheep Shearing: Anna Harvey of Harvey Farms wanted to invite anyone who wanted to come out a see sheep shearing at her farm.  She will be shearing on February 16 and 17 starting at 9 am.
2. Harvey Farms Ranch Days:  Anna Harvey also wanted to invite everyone out to the ranch for Farm Days in August.  Farm Days is the second Saturday in August (August 9).  The day will include history of the ranch; spinning, felting and dying classes; vendors (Anna has applications); fiber sales; shearing; and a Basque BBQ.  A vote was taken to see if the guild wanted to move the August meeting from the Arboretum to Harvey Farms.  The majority wanted to move the meeting so August meeting will now be at Harvey Farms during Farm Days.  The meeting will be held between workshops, at lunchtime.  Anna will provide more information about workshops, applications for vendors, and directions to get there.  Harvey Ranch is located in Calpine, between Greagle and Truckee.
3. Stitches Show:  Santa Clara, CA, February 21-23
4. Knit and Crochet Show:  Manchester, NH, July 20-23
5. Artistic Yarn in Vallejo, CA:  Artistic Yarn is a yarn and fiber store that is closing.  The Craigslist ad advertises free stuff, dye, equipment, sale items, office equipment, big machinery, and batts.
6. UNR Shearing:  UNR will be shearing their sheep on February 19.

Learning Tree for the February meeting was question answering.

Learning Tree for March will be all about different kinds of spindles and how to spin different kinds of fibers.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their spindles.

Show and Tell:

Ruth – has fallen in love with spinning.  She has discovered a podcast called High Fiber Diet.  She also cleaned fleece for the first time and made roll logs on a blending board.  Ruth rolled the fiber off the blending board very tightly onto a stick.  She is selling them for $7 per ounce.
Judy – showed felted bowls that her husband made.
Kendra – just finished a Christmas present for her sister that is a Doctor Who themed tea cozy.
Judy – showed a rolled fleece scarf that she made
Carol – has a knitted hat
Chris – is spinning half silk half merino on her drop spindle
Ashley – made her husband a colorwork hat for Christmas.  The pattern is a dragon.  She also showed off her adorable felted penguin.
Myna – made a very soft baby blanket and a cute little dragon
Libby – is working on Brioche knitting
Robin – processed some more fleece to spin and has a need project bag made by Max
Margery – made a cute baby sweater and blanket
Susan – showed her second attempt at handspun sock yarn and her first attempt at rigid heddle weaving using hand spun yarn
Amy – is working on a zigzag scarf.  She will share the pattern in a few months.
Nancy – made socks and gloves with Walmart 100% acrylic yarn and a shaped shawl
Sara – made an elegant white bridal shawl with beads
Shelia – showed her Mobius cast on, a crochet basket, garter stitch cast off, and a sweater that requires very little piecing
Max – is working on an entrelac shrug.  She also showed a Mobius arm knitting scarf she made and a hat with a ponytail hole at the top and a draw sting for a custom fit
Sharie – shared her scarf with a leaf that goes through the hole and her arm knitting project

In attendance: Ruth Flagg, Virva Porcelli, Doris Woloszyn, Carolyn Thompson, Marilynn Clarke, Kendra Iwahashi, Jessi Casey, Judy Applegarth, Carol Lopez, Christine Lopez, Ashley Thibedeau, Myna Giannotti, Connie Vann, Libby Hejny, Hannah Woods, Robin Gallagher, Mimi Bullard, Jo Van Winkle, Margery McConaghy, Susan Palwick, Amy Shannon, Nancy Pryor, Sara Freitag, Sheila Young, Maxene Harlow, Sharie Jones, Judy Wells, and Sue Gottsacker